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06/12/2017 4:11 pm  

I have been to 4 consultations so far for this. It is confusing. Each one has told me something different and the prices are as much as a $10,000 difference. I want a breast lift and a tummy tuck. 

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06/12/2017 4:23 pm  

Ella ,


 It is indeed very confusing . 4 consultations is a lot. This may be why you are confused. Make a list of your must haves . That will help you decide. Here are some suggestions to start with-

1. Board certification in PLASTIC SURGERY

2. Distance from home 

3. Realistic total to spend

4. Which labs/ etc. needed before surgery

5. Office staff (friendly, helpful)

6. Doctor attitude/ demeanor

These are some to start, having these answers will help you narrow your choice. Best to you! Be Beautiful!

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