Should I be concerned about Breast Implant illness?

Apr 06

Should I be concerned about Breast Implant illness?

If you currently have or are considering breast implants you may have stumbled across the topic of breast implant illness. A Facebook group dedicated to the topic has over 36,000 members all discussing what they believe are reactions to implants put in years prior. Some women had surgery over 20 years ago and report symptoms that are unexplainable.


Should I be concerned about breast implant illness?

Breast Implant Illness


Many of them have been tested for various illness and have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. These women believe that their implants were or may be the culprit. A recent article tells the story of two women, one who experienced declining vision and complete numbness on one side of her body and another whose symptoms disappeared immediately after implant removal.


The truth about Breast Implant Illness

Doctors, as well as the FDA, will admit that no medical device is 100% safe. Breast implants are one of the most heavily studied medical devices. Currently, 5 silicone gel-filled implants are approved by the FDA in addition to 3 saline filled implants. The FDA does warn of various risks from breast augmentation surgery including pain, asymmetry, capsular contracture, normal aging of the implant, and more; however, the FDA does not currently recognize breast implant illness.


Autoimmune Disease

There are many reasons why breast implant illness isn’t formally recognized. One of the main complaints from those affected is the appearance of an autoimmune disease that they didn’t have before getting the implants. Autoimmune diseases now affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and others. These numbers tell us that 24 million people suffer from inflammatory conditions and 75% of that number are female. This translates to 18 million women who have an autoimmune disease. Only 1 in 26 American women have breast implants which are 4% of the female US population. Even if every single woman who got breast implants eventually got ill, there would still be over 17 million women diagnosed with an autoimmune disease who don’t have breast implants. It is important to ask why are these women diagnosed≠?


Cause of Breast Implant illness

The causes of autoimmune disease are hidden allergens, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet, and stress. It is possible that hidden allergens for many women could be their breast implants, but it’s more likely it’s due to one of the above-mentioned factors or the simple fact that everyone’s bodies age. It’s plausible that a woman experiencing autoimmune symptoms decades after breast augmentation surgery may have been one of the 17 million women who would have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease anyway. This uncertainty is why breast implant illness hasn’t yet been proven scientifically.

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If you have any reservations about your bodies ability to undergo surgery or are concerned about a reaction to your breast implants you have the choice not to have the procedure. Focus on researching information from both sides and come up with your own educated decision. At the end of the day its, your body and you reserve the power to enhance the way it looks and to maintaining your health and happiness.


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