Should you pay for the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation?

Apr 01

Should you pay for the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation?


Today we are going to talk about your cosmetic surgery consultation, should you pay, or not? 


Plastic surgery as a transaction

Plastic surgery over the years has become somewhat of a commodity and what I mean by commodity is that now it has become very much a transaction and in some instances, many consider as just another sale. As a result of that, many plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons offer a free consultation.


Should you pay for the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation?

Should you pay for the Cosmetic Surgery Consultation?


It was originally, a medical cosmetic surgery consultation was set up to gather information from the patient, make a diagnosis and recommendation for the patient to help them meet the expectations that they have. So, with cosmetic or plastic surgery we are not talking about a cure, we are not talking about a treatment, typically we are talking about an elective procedure. So this is probably how we got to where we are now where it has become a sale or a transaction. The questions are being asked about why does a surgeon charge for consultations or should I pay for a consultation?

So today I would like to clear up some of the confusion and hopefully give you some good ideas of how to determine if you should pay for a consultation.

As a patient, starting out can be very overwhelming. Getting information about cosmetic and plastic surgery, you can just be bombarded. Even if you look at five different websites in one sitting, the likelihood of remembering the first website you looked at is pretty slim. So after you have gone through all the websites, now you have to decide who do I actually go and see in person.

In theory, you might think I do not want to pay for every single consultation. Because if you do that you would have to spend a lot of money and not find a doctor or a practice that you match with. I understand that in theory, it does not make sense to pay for a lot of different consultations. However, I do want to give you something to think about. There are some questions that you can ask before you can make a consultation appointment that will help you determine whether or not it is worth paying for the consultation.

Before I get into that, I want to lay the framework and help you to understand that the cosmetic surgery consultation is one of the most important parts of the whole process. Because obviously at that point you have no idea what’s going to happen and no one really knows until you actually have surgery. So, the best you can do is eliminate the risk, so that you have a greater chance of having a positive experience and a great result. Part of consultation is about allowing enough time to be able to explain to the doctor what is that you are looking for and what are your expectations? Also give the doctor enough time to access who you are, and what you bring to the table so that together you can make the best recommendations. This is very difficult to do in a free fifteen-minute consultation.


My Opinion

So, my overall opinion is that “the patient should pay for their cosmetic plastic surgery experience, for that consultation.” It is a mutual evaluation. Not only the patient is evaluating the doctor, but the doctor is evaluating the doctor too. So mutual respect means both should have value out of their meeting.


Let’s find out, how will you know you are going to get value for a cosmetic surgery consultation?

Firstly, you will determine the practice when you are making the appointment, how long is the cosmetic surgery consultation? You want to determine that before you want to move forward. For instance, if the consultation is thirty minutes, your next question should be how long am I likely to spend with the doctor? And if the answer is five minutes or ten minutes, then you have to seriously weigh whether or not you believe you can get the information across to the doctor. Also, help the doctor to get the information across to you that you need to make an intelligent decision to move forward. And then decide, would you pay for that.

Secondly, find out what is going to take place during the consultation? You should know that before you come in. What is the process? Are you going to get a tour of the facility, am I you going to meet the other personnel that you are going to work with within the plastic surgery process should I choose to move forward with the doctor? What is going to happen? It shouldn’t be a surprise.

Thirdly, who will be in the consultation with you? Is it the doctor, the patient coordinator, the nurse and what are their credentials? These are all very good questions to ask because when you ask these questions you are much better off. Getting a realistic idea in your head of whether or not you want to spend money for this time, your time and the doctor’s time. Whether you want to exchange money for that time.

Fourthly, how much is too much?  Sometimes you will find that there are practices that will charge for a consultation, but the question becomes how much is too much? For instance, if one officer is charging $300 for a consultation fee and it’s not applied to surgery if you decide to have a surgery, and on the other hand an officer is charging $100 and they do apply that to the surgery. On the surface you would say you prefer the one that charges $100, but the reality is you still have to measure both practices and see what they bring to the table. What is it that is attracting you to each and then make the decision. The money should be secondary.

Fifth, when should you go for your consultation? Part of the issue with paying for the consultation happens because patients are going too soon before they are actually ready to have the plastic surgery procedure. So, the reality is you should not go for your consultation until you are financially prepared, meaning that you have finances to move forward. Until you are logistically prepared, meaning that you have either have time off from work or you have a date in mind and you have the means to move forward. You are mentally prepared, meaning that in your mind the only decision now is to whether or not you are going to choose Doctor A or Doctor B. You have also mentally come to the conclusion that cosmetic plastic surgery is a good choice for you.

Lastly, you must always respect the time and talent. What do I mean by that? If you make an appointment, keep the appointment. If you are not going to make it whether it is free or charged, have the courtesy to call and let them know that you are not going to make it. Especially, if the office does not double book. And that’s a good question to ask the doctor or the practice when you are making the appointment. Will you be double booked, will the appointment be on time? Because in a plastic surgery practice, emergencies do happen.

However, most practices keep the new patient consultations together so that you do have a doctor that will be on time. The issue in many practices is that they are double and triple booked and that’s why you end up waiting. And if you are paying for your time and you are paying for your doctor’s time then you do have a right to at least have an appointment that is close to on time. So asking the question about double booking is perfectly fine because it allows you to control your time. And respecting the practice time and doctor’s time is very important because that also builds a relationship from the beginning of respect. Respect for you, and respect for them.



Hopefully, this was helpful. The question of should you pay for the cosmetic surgery consultation comes up often. I would love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to hit me up on the website I thank you so much for joining me. Until next time- BE BEAUTIFUL.   



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