The In’s and Out’s of Belly Button Surgery or Umbilicoplasty

Mar 18

The In’s and Out’s of Belly Button Surgery or Umbilicoplasty

Do you have an “innie” belly button or an” outie?” If you have an outie you may be more likely to seek an umbilicoplasty-which is reconstructive belly button surgery. Changing your naval may seem like a small, purely aesthetic procedure but in some cases, there are multiple medical benefits.


The In’s and Out’s of Belly Button Surgery

The In’s and Out’s of Belly Button Surgery

Umbilical Hernia Repair

Sometimes tissue that is mostly fat protrudes through a small hole in the abdominal wall. It is known as a hernia. An umbilical hernia repair not only makes an “outie” and “innie” but also fixes the underlying abdominal wall that is protruding. This protrusion occurs from heavy exertion. Hernias can be very painful. If left untreated the small intestine can push out from the abs. An umbilical hernia repair is an isolated procedure that typically takes 45 minutes. There is some downtime, and any activity that puts pressure on the abdomen needs to be avoided after surgery. There is a small chance for reoccurrence of a hernia, but it is scarce.


Advantages of Umbilicoplasty or Belly Button Surgery

Unlike purely aesthetic belly button surgeries and umbilical hernia repair is typically covered by insurance. The purpose of an umbilicoplasty is to change the size or the shape of the navel. Belly button rings that have often been removed leave a trace of their existence in the form of a skin hangover. An umbilicoplasty can remove the excess skin and hole at the top of the navel. What if something (or someone) more significant than a belly button ring caused a distortion? Luckily, umbilicoplasty is an excellent choice for new mothers who often have a deflated or oddly shaped belly button after giving birth. This procedure can be combined with a tummy tuck which brings the ab muscles together post pregnancy.



It is surgery, therefore; there are risks involved like scarring, infection, or bleeding. The recovery time of up to six weeks should be considered. With any navel surgery, the final results take weeks to see due to swelling from the procedure, so it’s a good reminder to be patient and know that you’ll be flawlessly rocking a crop top in no time.

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