Plastic Surgery Addiction: Can You Get Too Much Plastic Surgery?

Feb 26

Plastic Surgery Addiction: Can You Get Too Much Plastic Surgery?

In the UK, a recent article mentioned a 28-year-old woman who admitted she had plastic surgery addiction. The woman, whose name is Star Delguidice, has had 4 nose jobs, 4 breast augmentations, 5 liposuction procedures, and 3 vaginal reconstruction surgeries.


Plastic Surgery Addiction - Can You Get Too Much Plastic Surgery?

Can You Get Too Much Plastic Surgery?

To look younger, she also underwent a blepharoplasty to remove fat from under the eyes. She initially opted for surgery to look like Barbie, and now she wants a backside comparable to Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Lopez’s for her future career in fetish modeling. Star has already spent £200,000 and her next surgery; a butt augmentation will cost around £20,000.  The woman is willing to gain 42lbs before surgery to get the fat needed to inject in her buttocks.


Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Numerous plastic surgery procedures can sometimes be an attempt to chase perfection. The root of plastic surgery addiction is often from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). When a person with body dysmorphia looks in the mirror, they don’t see what other people see. Anxiety overwhelms them, and a small wrinkle can appear more significant. 10 pounds of extra fat look might look like 100 pounds, and something like a flat chest can be debilitating. The discomfort can be fixed temporarily by plastic surgery, but it is only a band-aid over a large, open wound. Because BDD is an emotional and psychological issue, it is just a matter of time before they look in the mirror again and are disgusted at what they see.

But are you actually addicted to plastic surgery? The Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast, the episode on “Is plastic surgery really addictive?” will help you decide.


Influence of Celebrities

A patient may not have a psychological issue but just lack confidence and fall victim to specific forms of media that glamourize plastic surgery. Some wonder, should normal people be getting as much surgery as celebrities who decided to go under the knife numerous times to look good? Young women are especially vulnerable to seeing these images and wanted to replicate what they see on their favorite reality shows and social media.


Making the Right Choice

It is important to examine the reasons why you are choosing plastic surgery. Good doctors work with patients to make sure they have established realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery. If a patient comes back for multiple revisions, their mental health should be taken into question. Having the same area operated repeatedly could be detrimental to your health and even cause plastic surgery addiction. You may strive for a cute, button nose but if you end up having 7 rhinoplasties you will most likely come out looking like Michael Jackson. By being open and honest with ourselves and the surgeons you can save a lot of heartache (and strange looks thrown our way) down the road.

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