CSA 009: Plastic Surgery Addiction – Is plastic surgery really addictive?

Feb 19

CSA 009: Plastic Surgery Addiction – Is plastic surgery really addictive?


In today’s episode of The Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast, we will talk plastic surgery addiction – how do you know whether or not someone is addicted to plastic surgery? It’s funny when some people say to other people who have had plastic surgery – be careful; plastic surgery can be addictive. Sometimes, it is said with the intention of a joke, but other times they mean it. At times I get offended when addiction is linked to plastic surgery. As I have been invested my life in the plastic surgery industry, I would like to clear the misconception about plastic surgery addiction.

Plastic Surgery Addiction – Is plastic surgery really addictive?

Plastic Surgery Addiction


What is an addiction?

Let’s first understand what is an addiction? When a person is addicted to a thing, the person has made his life unmanageable, and it has become an obsession. Everything they think about and things they do in their life revolves around the thing that they are addicted to.

Sometimes you find patients who have something called Body Dysmorphic Disorder which happens by itself. It is a mental illness when a person has an obsessive focus on the perceived flaws in his appearance.

However, I am offended when people refer to a person who has had multiple plastic surgeries as being addicted.


Plastic Surgery Addiction

Now let’s first understand that plastic surgery is a multiple staged process. Just because someone has a plastic surgery doesn’t mean that they will not have any plastic surgery procedure for the rest of their life. Plastic surgery from a cosmetic perspective is not necessary; it’s a choice. Patients might changes in their appearance over the years which leads to them to have another surgery. It doesn’t make you addicted. Due to aging and physical changes in your body due to having a baby, weight gain or lose you are staging different plastic surgery procedures in your lifetime.

Sometimes, patients might choose to have an additional procedure with the existing one due to a troublesome area that came to light after the surgery. For instance, in a blepharoplasty – an upper eyelid or lower eyelid plastic surgery procedure, at first the patient may want to correct only the upper eyelid. After the patient goes home and notices the lower eyelid needs correction too, the patient might opt for additional surgery in the same year.

To someone observing the patient from the outside may say that the person has a plastic surgery addiction because they are opting for multiple plastic surgeries in a short period. But in reality, they are just finishing a process that they started.

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Plastic Surgery is A Process

I always try to explain to patients and help them understand that plastic surgery is a process. Plastic surgery is never permanent because a person isn’t permanent. Even if you have a full facelift at the age of 50, where you might look ten years younger, doesn’t mean that you will still look like you are 50 when you are 80. You might look like 70 when you are 80. The bottom line is you continue to change as your body ages. So having plastic surgery is choice you have. But keep in mind that the ongoing changes in the body will continue.

Opting for plastic surgery doesn’t make you an addict. It makes you someone who is taking care of yourself at every stage go aging and development.


Final thoughts

Hopefully, the information here was helpful. As you think about whether or not you believe someone is addicted to plastic surgery, you will use some discussion and thoughtful analysis before you determine someone has plastic surgery addiction. I hope you also respect the fact that plastic surgery is a choice. Many women who choose to have plastic surgery prefer to have different procedures throughout their lifetime. Also in most cases, they are most likely not an addict.



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