CSA 008: Men and Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

Feb 02

CSA 008: Men and Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

In today’s episode of The Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast, we will talk about men and facial plastic surgery for men. The topic comes out depending on the time of the year. But the reality is that its talk about quite often. There are many different ways to look at the subject. I will be sharing some necessary information so that if you have a brother, husband or significant others who are considering facial plastic surgery, you can have a framework to help them make good decisions.

Men and Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

It’s obvious when we see men who have had facial plastic surgery and something has gone wrong. I know it all the time here in Hollywood, and you might have seen it as well on television. When plastic surgery for men is done right, you cannot make out the difference. Do men care about if they have wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and wrinkled neck? It depends on their place of interaction with the world. For instance, a person who works in Hollywood (they are on television) would care more than a person who is working in a factory.

I predict that men who do not have plastic surgery done will have a disadvantage against men who have done plastic surgery in the future. Take for instance, when Botox was first introduced it wasn’t so popular, but as more people got it done, it became more popular both with men and women. Soon enough it has become the standard. When a see a person who has not got Botox done, they look much older than someone who has got it done. We often see it in the news! If you compare the newsreader from old shows to new ones, you will observe that more people have wrinkles in the past then the new shows. More and more are seen to be embracing plastic surgery just so that they don’t look much older than their counterparts.

Besides, you will see the use of facial cosmetic plastic surgery in the workplace due to competitive reasons. Just like women, men also need to hide their age. Even though by the rule of law your employer can’t ask you your age directly they always want to know how long can they rely on you as an employee.


Plastic surgery procedures for men

So what kind of plastic surgery procedures will be used by men?



Injectable of the more commonly used procedure. Men, in general, will lean towards in general towards Botox and fillers. Botox is used on the forehead to make the lines subtle and also is the outer regions of the crow’s feet area. The filler is a nice subtle improvement, and it’s injectable. You can use injectables from the nose down to the lips; some people call it marionette lines.

Upper and under eyelids

For men, the fat pad that is under the eye area can be very prominent. Sometimes called bags under the eyes can make men look very tired or older. The eyes are a great procedure for men over the age of 30. The eyes can tell a lot about the age of men.



Men are scared of a facelift because they think it is a very invasive procedure. Of course, a facelift is a very critical procedure which if not done well you spend many years with a face that you may not be happy with.

How do you avoid such situations? You want to go to a surgeon that specializes in male plastic surgery. Make sure that you see before and after photos of people who have had a facelift with that doctor. It is essential because you want to observe how he treats the hairline, male pattern boldness and make sure the doctor is aware of these factors. Ask the doctor about the provision towards male skin vs female skin, about the healing process and your beard line.



Recovery is very important when it comes to plastic surgery for men. They do not want their friends and other people to know, they think they will recover in a hotel room. If you are having a facelift you want someone to be with you. Patients need someone to monitor them right after the procedure.



I hope this information will help you make the right decision for your facial plastic surgery for men. Many men think to have plastic surgery much later in life. But the reality is the earlier you engage yourself in a facelift or injectables, the better result you will have and enjoy it more.



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