CSA 007: What If You’re Not Happy With Your Plastic Surgery?

Jan 23

CSA 007: What If You’re Not Happy With Your Plastic Surgery?

One of the most common fears women have about plastic surgery is What am I going to do if I am not happy with my plastic surgery? As it is a constant worry, I thought it would be a good idea to address it on today’s episode of the Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast.

What If You're Not Happy With Your Plastic Surgery?

Unhappy with your Plastic Surgery?


Here are three points to remember about plastic surgery

  • Magic

Firstly, please understand that plastic surgery is not magic. Do not have the wrong expectations. You cannot change your life, your look, your age and so on. It is only an enhancement of what you already have.

Everything in plastic surgery begins with anatomy. It’s not about having the most experienced and famous plastic surgeon. It does not have any connection with general anatomy.

Plastic surgery is not magic.


  • Patience

After which, you need to understand that plastic surgery is not an overnight process. You just cannot expect to wake up from the surgery and start with your normal life. You need to have the patience to properly recover and see the real results after your natural healing.

In my experience, I have seen many women who have had surgery and are horrified by the results. They call up the clinic, have many complains and even reveal that it was the worst choice. But a week later when the body heals, their body parts that were under surgery starts to look more natural. Then, it’s interesting to see these patients walk into the clinic and act like they never called and complained.

Remember to read all consents that you signed before surgery. It will explain the swelling, bruising, and that your surgery side may look uneven due to surgery. All of the points are part of the recovery process in cosmetic surgery and patience is essential!


  • Backup

A lot of times it’s essential to have people around you that are supportive of your surgery as well as your decision to have plastic surgery. It is common to have people around you that are extremely negative. They will point out the negatives that you might have overlooked earlier. You need a good support system around you to back yourself up.


Steps to take if you are unhappy with your plastic surgery


Let’s say you have gone through all this process and it’s been sometime now; you realize that you are not happy with the surgery.

  1. Take a pen and paper and write down what you are unhappy about. Once you have the points in writing it helps to see the problem. Prioritise your most significant problem first and list down the other issues based on importance.
  2. Review before photos next to your after photos for comparison. It will help you write down specific points that you are happy and unhappy with. You can also review your before photos and see whether the problem to your unhappiness may lie in your anatomy and not the surgery.
  3. Bring an unbiased person to take a look at the situation for an honest opinion. It helps to have others to validate what you are feeling.


Fix an appointment

Make an appointment with your doctor for a consultation. Unless you have some serious problems with your previous surgeon, I suggest you go to the same surgeon and give them the opportunity to help you and come to a solution that will work. Once your fix on an appointment date, don’t go for it to confront the doctor. Go with a mindset of finding a solution. Try to explain your problem the best way possible. Well, if you cannot come to a resolution then you will have to choose another surgeon.


Don’t be cheap

However, keep in mind not to expect anything for free, Just because you are unhappy with the surgeon doesn’t mean that the surgeon did something wrong. There are costs involved to tweak an existing plastic surgery, and you might get some adjustments, but you can not get the procedure done for free.

The point here is to be open-minded and find a solution that you can Iive with.


Choosing another plastic surgeon

If you are not able to come to a resolution with your original doctor and you do want to go for a revision with another doctor. Remember, it is not the time to be cheap! Everything starts with anatomy and remember your anatomy now is a body that is already operated upon. You already had surgery, and there might be problems like scar tissue that a good surgeon will point out to you. Trust the surgeon; he will point out all the complications moving forward.



I hope this information was helpful. My goal was to give you hope. Just because the surgery did not come out as expected, the surgery was a failure, the surgeon was not a failure and certainly, it doesn’t mean that you were a failure.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to be realistic about expectations from the beginning.


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