Plastic Surgery Trends: Top Predictions for 2018

Jan 26

Plastic Surgery Trends: Top Predictions for 2018


Plastic Surgery Trends - Top Predictions for 2018

Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2018

We’re almost over with the first month of 2018. Many people made new years resolutions regarding health, weight, and their image. We’ve strived to take better care of ourselves, put effort into our appearance, hit the gym regularly, and stop writing 2017 on everything. As unique as we think we are many of us want very similar things. When it comes to getting plastic surgery, there are often common wishes and desires. This commonality allowed The American Academy of Facial Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) to publish a list of 6 plastic surgery trends they expect to see an increase of in 2018.


1. The End of the Frozen Face

We’ve all heard the jokes about someone who has had so much Botox you can no longer see their expression. Since Botox and other fillers were released, there have been far more advancements in the types of injectables and administration of fillers. Different types of fillers have various textures, thickness, and bounciness. If you choose the right injector, they should be picking one that has the right texture for your selected area. For instance, usage of a softer filler for lips than one for the cheeks. New technology will make fillers more “bendable” and last longer which will allow for a more subtle, natural look.


2. Stopping the Wrinkles Before They Start

“Pre-juvenation” is the term coined for those who chose to take anti-aging into their own hands before the problem presents itself. The patient might choose Botox to stop forehead wrinkles before they start, lasers to increase collagen production and even mini-facelifts. By selecting to get small procedures along the way most people don’t recognize the physical changes in your body, and the patient appears to age very well merely.


3. A Double-Chinless Selfie

Although there are numerous apps to enhance your selfies, a recent article found that an annual member survey by AAFPRS members reported that 42% of people were seeking surgery to look better on social media. Users of photo editing apps and filters may want to look like social media versions of themselves. Common trends were sunspot fading with lasers, fillers for the cheekbones, and fat-dissolving injections for the chin.


4. Helping with Gender Identity

Transgendered patients come to a plastic surgeon to look externally the way they feel internally. Aside from gender reassignment surgery, often there are other modifications like changes in bone structure and movement of the soft tissues of the face. These minor changes can make a significant impact in a way the patient feels and how others view them.


5. Nose Jobs Over Lunch?

The use of fillers to change the shape of the nose has been dubbed “lunchtime nose jobs.” Fillers can be used to smooth, add symmetry, and even make the nose look less pronounced. Because injectables in the nose are tricky, it is advised to choose the right professional if you undergo this procedure. Luckily, fillers aren’t permanent, and the body will metabolize the filler after injection. Also, administration of dissolving injections that can prevent displeasure in the event of an outcome the patient doesn’t like.


6. A Botox Bromance

Expect to see popularity in the rise of plastic surgery trends amongst men this year. Most noteworthy, 1 out of 3 men is likely to consider a cosmetic procedure, both surgical and non-surgical. Over half of the men were aged 25 to 34, and 34% were 18 to 24. The men are opting for the same procedures women are-mostly injectables, laser treatments, and face-lifts. Some offices have appropriately named their male Botox injections “Bro-Tox.”


Finally, whether you were considering any of these forecasted plastic surgery trends or you are seeking something entirely different it is always advised to do your research. For instance, when trying injectables ask for before and after photo. Research the practice and who will be administering them. If you chose surgery, be sure that you and your surgeon agree on which direction to take the procedure and that you have realistic goals for the outcome.

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