Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures – No Surgery Maybe the New Surgery

Jan 25

Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures – No Surgery Maybe the New Surgery

Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures – No Surgery Maybe the New Surgery


Depending on where you live plastic surgery might be somewhat taboo. We have all heard about traditional procedures such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentation but how familiar are you with less-invasive procedures? These procedures are growing in popularity due to them not requiring anesthesia or an incision into the body. There is typically no breaking of the skin so there are no scars to heal or long recovery times needed. Let’s look at some non-invasive plastic surgery procedures that are fast and less scary to try.


Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures - No Surgery or New Surgery?

No Surgery Maybe the New Surgery

Did you know of these plastic surgery procedures with benefits?


Selfie Sculpting

A recent article presented 5 common non-invasive procedures that are more popular than ever. The first is “Selfie Sculpting”. Patients come in wanting a slimmer, defined face in addition to elevated cheeks and brows, and more open eyes. If you are a Samsung Galaxy user the phone’s camera automatically does this to your photos and they call the feature “beauty face”. This less invasive procedure is like real life photoshop. It takes 15-30 min and uses fillers, patients own fat, or even special amniotic membrane (innermost layer of the placenta) derived filler materials. This quick procedure still may not be the best bang for your buck because with a range of $4,000-$6000 it cost $9,000 on average.


Tip Flip

The next is the Tip Flip. Have you ever seen someone with a slim nose with a slightly upward rotation? They may have gotten a tip flip. It’s described as a 5-minute mini nose job. As we age our nose loses volume and the Tip Flip procedure rotates just the tip of the nose upward. This procedure averages $2,000-$4,000 which is less than a full rhinoplasty.


Injectable Facial Rejuvenation

There are various types of injectables and some can be used for an injectable facial rejuvenation. This type of procedure uses stem cell technology. Fat is harvested through needles and then divided into different densities and injected into individual areas. Injectable Facial Rejuvenation repairs and stimulates soft tissue, create new blood vessels, and fights inflammation. This procedure can also change the rate of tissue decay as well as the biological tissue volume. It’s best to start this type of treatment in your mid-twenties because that is when tissue decay begins. This procedure averages around $6,000.



If you sweat more than the average person you may want to consider the next one of the non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. Miradry is a 1-hour process that eliminates sweat and odor from the armpits. The cost for this is about $2,000.


Laser Lift

Most of us want a more youthful look. With a laser lift, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin and other signs of aging. The result of a laser lift is a fuller, more youthful face. This procedure combines liposuction and a fat transfer to the lower third of the face to achieve a younger, more rested appearance. There is little downtime with a laser lift and the results can be amazing. The range for this procedure is between $3,000-$10,000.


Final thoughts:

If you’d like to enhance your appearance but are not quite sure about going under the knife consider one of these or any other minimally invasive procedures. These procedures don’t require time off work, there’s less of a recovery period, and they also produce less-drastic results which could appeal to those who don’t want others to know they had “work done.” The downside to non-invasive plastic surgery procedures is that most, like Botox or fillers, are only temporary and to achieve long-term results regularly, routine visits are necessary.


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