CSA 006: Should I be afraid of plastic surgery | Is plastic surgery bad for me?

Jan 15

CSA 006: Should I be afraid of plastic surgery | Is plastic surgery bad for me?

Is plastic surgery bad and should you be afraid of it? In this episode of The Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast, we will discuss the fears around plastic, cosmetic surgery and what to do about your fears. Are you thinking – should I be afraid of cosmetic surgery, is plastic surgery bad? If you are thinking that I am going to give all of the reasons that you should not be anesthesia, then you are wrong.

Is plastic surgery bad for me?

Is plastic surgery bad for me?

In fact, it is good if you are afraid of cosmetic or plastic surgery. Mostly you should have some fear otherwise it concerns me that you are not taking the cosmetic surgery procedure seriously. It is surgery and you should know that there are risks involved with every surgery.


Types of fears around plastic surgery:

Let’s talk about the concerns and the kind of fears women have to help you understand is plastic surgery is bad for you or are your fears false?

  • Anesthesia (Going Under)

    One of the biggest fears women have about plastic surgery is the fear of anesthesia or fear or “going under” anesthesia. What they are terrified of is death, that they won’t wake up. Yes, there are risks to anesthesia. However, you should know that provided you are healthy, and a trained medical professional administers the anesthesia, the chances are meager of anything happening as a result of anesthesia.

Is plastic surgery bad for you? Here are important questions to ask your plastic surgeon to determine:

  1. What type of anesthesia are you going to use?
  2. Why do you use that kind of anesthesia?
  3. Where will the anesthesia be administered?
  4. Is the anesthesia administered by a trained professional?
  5. Are you a good candidate or any medical issues that might exist with you before having anesthesia?

      These questions will help to eliminate or reduce the risk of anesthesia. It will help you understand is plastic surgery bad for you or not.

  • Looks

    The next fear is the fear of looking weird. No one can tell you the exact before and after effects of plastic surgery. Some patients want to look like they did before, which is not possible. Before can be very subjective ranging from a couple of days, months to years. We change every day due to aging. Hence, do not keep a rearview vision of how you will look after the surgery. Instead, you should be thinking what do you think is a nice look.

Here are some real questions to ask yourself to help you consider what is “looking weird?”

  1. Ask yourself, do you want a natural look?
  2. Do you want to look like you had surgery?
  3. Also, do you want people to know that you had surgery and you look different?

Many women think that getting a nose job or a rhinoplasty changes them entirely but let me remind you it is the same you.

  • Money

    Another genuine fear women have when it comes to cosmetic surgery is the fear of spending a lot of money. In fact, it is a lot of money. So is other luxury products like a sports car or basic necessity like a house. Some of those things are that we desire and we get them anyway. Therefore a lot of money is relative. The best way to reduce the fear of spending a lot of money is to make sure you have covered all your bases. Also, make sure to have a responsible decision financially if you decide to move forward.

  • Other people’s thoughts

    The last fear I want to talk about is the fear of what other’s think. It’s interesting to note that, when you are young what other’s think about you is significant compared to when you grow older. It is not because you become empathetic, but you realize what you were afraid of, wasn’t real. You understand that people were self-absorbed and weren’t judging you.

How to get over the fear of Plastic Surgery?

I like to use my favorite acronym of fear, which stands for:

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real

What does this mean? It means that a lot of the things that we fear aren’t real. They are made up in our minds which may not be accurate. Hence get real with yourself.

Ask yourself if I want to move forward with plastic surgery what the deal breakers that would stop me are? Once you know the deal breakers ask yourself,  is it real or is it imaginary? Trust your gut. Stick with your decision once you make your decision, rather than being stuck in the middle.

Making a decision doesn’t mean that you can change your decision two or three years down the road. Make your choice in time and for a specific length of time.

Finally, I want you to think about being afraid and embrace it. Help yourself decide if plastic surgery is right for you, just you. And remember, be beautiful!



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