CSA 004: Financing Cosmetic Surgery | How to Finance Your Cosmetic Surgery

Jan 01

CSA 004: Financing Cosmetic Surgery | How to Finance Your Cosmetic Surgery

Financing Cosmetic Surgery | How to Finance Your Cosmetic Surgery

How to Finance Your Cosmetic Surgery

Whenever we talk about financing cosmetic surgery, all of the bells go of that alert women about the horrible sins of debt and buying things that you can’t afford. Of course, excessive debt is bad and not advisable for anyone trying to move forward in their life. However, I do have an issue with drawing the line only around debt related to cosmetic surgery.


The reasons for financing cosmetic surgery

There are some good reasons for financing cosmetic surgery. First and foremost it can make a big difference in the quality life of a woman. From having a better paying job to having more confidence which can make a world of difference in a woman’s day to day lifestyle.

For instance, a woman in her mid 40’s who is part of a downsizing of a corporate company is now being thrust into the workforce looking for a job. The fact that all things are done online like – when you graduated, how much you worked, anybody can know that you are an older American citizen. If you are fortunate to get an interview you have to walk into an environment where you will be judged.

It sounds really good when we say that it doesn’t really matter what you look like. All that matters is that you have a great resume and do a great job in the interview. You will be judged fairly amongst someone who looks more youthful and refreshed. In reality, it is not true.

Do you know when it comes to recovery time in plastic surgery, longer is good for better results. Learn more about who has time for breast augmentation?


Confidence matters

Even if you feel better about the way you look. You will be more confident in how you sit in the chair and how you respond to the interviewer. You will always present that confidence if you like how you look.

If you have a look of drooping eyelids and you look tired, it doesn’t mean that you are actually tired. Those are the signs of aging. If you are competing for a job you should have the best possible way to do so.

Now, I am not pushing people towards cosmetic surgery.

I want to show you another side, why someone would go into debt to get blepharoplasty or facelift. If cosmetic surgery gives you a better future or options, then it is a good investment! And the debt that you take on financially with cosmetic surgery will be able to be satisfied especially with a better paying job.

If you decide to go for financing cosmetic surgery, I strongly suggest that you shop around.

Don’t just go for plastic surgery financing or medical financing because it is there and available in the office. Do your homework, make some effort and research.


How to get a personal loan for Cosmetic Surgery:

There are many different ways to get a personal loan, some of them are through a credit union or getting an online lender to approve your personal loan.

The credit terms depend on your credit score:

The lender will look at your credit score before giving you the loan. Having a good credit will make the process easier. Here are some credit score examples:

  • For Banks are going to look for a credit score of 700 and above.
  • Online lenders are looking at 600 and 660 or even below comes with a higher rate of interest.

4 tips for financing cosmetic surgery:

Tip 1:

Mix it up! Perhaps you are getting an income tax cheque back. Let’s say that you are getting $3000 or $4000 back and you only need $2000 for financing your cosmetic surgery. Then only apply for the additional money that you need, not all of it.

Tip 2:

You have an advantage, if you get a loan outside of the doctor’s office, from your online lender or your credit union. You can go to the doctor and negotiate based on a cash price because now you are paying in cash.

Tip 3:

If you can come in with your own lender you can negotiate a better pricing with your cosmetic surgeon.

Tip 4:

What are your repayment plans? Think about what are the repayment penalties. Does it have a pre-payment penalty, if it does not how can you accelerate your repayment?


The bottom line is:

Being a firm believer in making the right decision I suggest that: If it makes sense, you like the doctor, it makes sense for your life than you should move forward. Once you have made it a part of your plan, if that means personal financing your cosmetic surgery, you are still moving forward.

Don’t wait, and be stuck. It’s sad to see patients who I met six or seven years back, who still didn’t have surgery and they are still saving and believing that they are going to get it done someday. The truth is you don’t know what can change with time. The confidence that you have, the ability to get better jobs, to make better decisions might not be the same.

Take a pep in your step to have cosmetic surgery.

Whatever you decide, just know it’s about making the right decisions for you.

Always remember, be beautiful. If you have questions, get in touch with me at www.cosmeticsurgeryadvisors.com, or you can also send a live chat on the website.


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