Are you Pro-Choice when it Comes to Plastic Surgery?

Jan 07

Are you Pro-Choice when it Comes to Plastic Surgery?
Feminism vs Plastic Surgery

Feminism vs Plastic Surgery

A recent blog discussed one feminist thought on whether going under the knife goes against feminism. Feminism, In short, is the belief that men and women should be treated equally. The feminists are people who believe in standing up for that right. A significant part of feminism is protection from sexual harassment and allowing women to be seen for our brains over our beauty. So where does plastic surgery fit in? If a woman wants to alter any part of her looks is that her personal choice? Is it anti-feminism and anti-equality? Is it her own uncoerced decision or is she just responding to the pressures of society?


Why woman choose plastic surgery?

When initially thinking about getting cosmetic surgery many people turn to their significant other, friends, or families for advice. Of course, when and if we tell them about our desires they usually assure us that we look beautiful and that surgery isn’t necessary. Even though our loved ones encourage us with statements like our “nose is proportionate to our face,” that “love handles are just curves,” and that “big breasts should be left in the Pam Anderson days,” it still doesn’t do much to calm our insecurities.

Examining the reasons why we are choosing plastic surgery is the best place to start. Our thoughts about ourselves and our bodies change over time. If we only want plastic surgery when we are feeling lonely or unattractive, it isn’t usually the best option. If you are feeling positive about yourself but still have enhancements you’d like to make, then plastic surgery could be an excellent choice for you.


Modern feminism

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing-it is possible to care about the state of the world in flip-flops or stilettos. Just because you are a feminist doesn’t mean you need to throw away your razors, unplug your curling irons, and start burning your bra’s. On the contrary, just because you decide to make modifications to your body doesn’t make you any less authentic as a human being.

Modern feminism is all about personal choice. We should live up to our expectations of ourselves and no one else’s. How can we tell women it’s their body and their choice regarding an unplanned pregnancy but be hateful if a woman chooses to do something about a part of her body she doesn’t like?


The choice is yours:

If a woman makes the conscious choice to alter her appearance (and that option is an entirely self-motivated decision), it is more empowering than limiting. When we look good, we feel confident, and if feminism has taught us anything, it’s that a strong, confident woman can change the world.

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