CSA 005: Breast Implant Exchange | Is it time for exchanging your breast implants?

Jan 07

CSA 005: Breast Implant Exchange | Is it time for exchanging your breast implants?

Breast Implant Exchange | Is it time for breast implant exchange?

Is it time for breast implant exchange?

Breast implant exchange is a topic that many people speak about, but a lot of women are afraid to move forward because they are not aware of what it entails.  How do you know if it’s the right time? If so, how do you move forward? In today’s episode of The Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast, I am going to give you real advice on whether it is time or not to have a breast implant exchange.


How do you know it’s time to have breast implant exchange?

Over the years a lot of people have asked me, do I have to exchange my breast implants after ten years? The reason for this concern comes from plastic surgeons who would speak to patients about the implants, that it has a ten-year warranty. It covers the some of the expense of exchanging the implants. The cost-coverage comes if the patients have deflation in case of a saline implant or a rupture in case of a silicone implant.


How long do breast implants last?

The ten years applies to the situation when the manufacturer is willing to make some financial contribution to the cost of the implants. In fact, there is a lifetime warranty on your actual implants. With that being said, no you do not have to exchange your implants every ten years if you are not having a problem.


What are the problems you might have when you opt for a breast implant exchange?


  • Encapsulation

    If your breast implants are encapsulating, it means that your implants feel hard to the touch. If your implants feel hard, it means that there is scar tissue built around the implants and that would make it feel hard. In that case, you should get a breast implant exchange.


  • Aesthetics

    What about if you don’t like the size or don’t like how they look anymore. What if you got your first break implants when you are in your 20’s and 30’s, and now you are 50, and realistically now they don’t look good anymore. Often time you should look at yourself and remind yourself that your whole body does not look the same while the implants might be okay.


  • Ageing and Weight gain

    If you had a couple of children and gained weight, then there might be a sagging component to the breast. In which case, implant exchange may be a great idea. In some instances, women have gained a considerable amount of weight and breast tissue then breast implant exchange may not be the right recommendation. You might have to take the implants out altogether. All of these are options. Remember that, breast implants are a product and they are not meant to be for a lifetime. Since they are a product, they can have concerns, issues or just get old.


If you want to have breast implant exchange, what do you do next?

Now, let’s consider that you want to have breast implant exchange. You want to choose a plastic surgeon who has a lot of options, not someone who does things only one particular way. Be realistic about the expectations especially if you have aged and you want someone who is experienced.


Breast Implant exchange cost:

Don’t count the value of the surgery that you already had earlier. It is a new plastic surgery, and you have to calculate the cost of it separately. It’s just like buying a new car; you do not count the value of the old car, you only pay the price of the new car.


How to choose the right plastic surgeon for your breast implant exchange?

When choosing a doctor, you want someone who is experienced. You want someone who can explain the breast implant exchange process. It’s not as same as the new breast augmentation process. If you are reading online reviews of plastic surgeons to make a choice, you should know that all cosmetic surgery reviews are not what it seems.


Choosing the right breast implant size:

Who should determine the breast implant size? Ultimately it’s always your choice.

When women are not happy with their implant size, the story you most often hear is – the doctor put in whatever he wanted to. When in reality most responsible plastic surgeons have consents signed from patients that approve of the size of the breast implants.


All the paperwork that goes with your breast implants including your warranty should be given to you right after the surgery.

When you are choosing the implant size, make sure you select a size that you want now and for the next reasonable foreseeable future. Take into consideration changes in your own body and changes in your wardrobe that your prefer now. Also, consider your lifestyle and how much do you exercise? All the things that makeup who you are, are important when deciding which size breast implant exchange you want.


When is the right time to have breast implant exchange?

It is like finding a great husband, there is never a bad time. It’s always a good time. You have to decide for yourself important to you, you want it for yourself and it will make you feel better about yourself and the way you feel. There is no time like the present.



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