Does Advertisement Encourage New Moms to get a Breast Augmentation?

Jan 22

Does Advertisement Encourage New Moms to get a Breast Augmentation?
Does Advertisement Encourage New Moms to get a Breast Augmentation?

Mommy Makeover

In the UK, a recent advertisement for a cosmetic surgery center is sparking outrage in some women. The advertisement features a young woman who is dealing with insecurities about her body after giving birth. Many mothers found the video very insensitive and offensive. The ad features a 34-year-old new mother, Lou Newton, who admitted she had breast augmentation. She wanted to restore her breasts back to their pre-pregnancy look. Newton worked out and lost the added weight from pregnancy. But she also lost the fullness, size, and volume of her breasts. Those against the ad believe that it preyed on the insecurities of a new mom. It exploited the vulnerabilities to gain a profit. They complained that the video was claiming that plastic surgery is the only solution to dealing with insecurities post-baby.


The Breast Augmentation Story:

According to an article on The Huffington Post UK, Transform, the producers of the advertisement rebutted by claiming it was a genuine story and that they were in no way stating that the only way a woman could feel confident after delivering a child was by getting a breast augmentation. Plastic surgery is always a personal choice, and Newton states “I did it for me” at the end. There is also a warning saying that plastic surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly. The potential patients should reflect on why they are having surgery, and that surgery is not without risk.

Those who complained went to the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency), and they decided that the ad must not appear in its current form. Transform should be more socially responsible, and should not be target vulnerable groups like new mothers. Transform was against the ruling and stated that this was one individual’s personal story. The company values telling patient experiences and helping others in the same boat. They claim that the plastic surgery journey can be an empowering provided the decision to undergo surgery is an independent, personal choice.


Post-partum changes

There is no denying that a woman’s body goes through significant changes after childbirth. When it comes to the breast, they usually sag from the stretched skin and may be smaller or larger after delivery. The midsection becomes flabby, and the stretch marks that arise are permanent. A woman’s hip size also increases after childbirth but it is not due to fat. It happens because of the pelvic bones which become wider and the structure changes. Going through this many bodily changes in such a short time can put a lot of stress on some women post-partum.


Mommy Makeover

To alleviate the concerns of women who want to get back to their pre-pregnancy body a mommy makeover is often the solution. This procedure targets the breast, abdomen, waist, genitalia, and buttocks and or a combination of some of those areas. Therefore, the procedure is done all at once rather than as separate surgeries. A child is one of life’s greatest gifts, but it’s wise for mom to give herself the gift of added confidence as well.

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