Thigh Lift Surgery: Lies About Your Thighs | Thighlighting

Dec 12

Thigh Lift Surgery: Lies About Your Thighs | Thighlighting
Thigh Lift Surgery: Lies About Your Thighs

Thigh Lift Surgery: The lies about your legs | Thighlighting


Most women would love to have long and lean legs.  It is often portrayed as a sexy and youthful look.  Recently, an online article suggested that women are clamoring for plastic surgery alternatives to achieve the ultimate long lean toned and sculpted legs.  According to the report, there is a combination of procedures that can be performed together or separately that would help women enhance the look of their legs; specifically their thighs.  These methods include liposuction, thigh lift surgery, and in some cases calf implants.  Not surprisingly, the marketing name for it is “thighlighting.”  The reality is that the thighs are one of the most challenging areas to treat.  It is not uncommon for women to complain about cellulite in the thigh area in conjunction with the displeasure of the size of their thighs.  


Why women want Thigh Lift Surgery?

Before women embark on plastic surgery alternatives for their legs and thighs, it is essential to have obvious expectations.  Everything in plastic surgery starts with genetics and how we are built.  While some parts of the body can be enhanced and changed, the reality is there are limitations.  The structure of a woman’s thighs, her lifestyle, her health, her muscular build, and age are just a few of the factors that will affect any plastic surgery outcome.  The coveted “thigh gap” that is referred to often in social media is not achievable for every female body type.  

As women age, it is likely that they will experience weight gain to some extent.  Women who have had children often find after pregnancy that they cannot lose all of the weight gained, and returning to their pre-pregnancy weight can be difficult.  Much of the annoyance with thighs of women and the reason they opt for thigh lift surgery or thighplasty because of clothes that do not fit comfortably.  A sweater dress or jeans can be cut entirely from a woman’s wardrobe when finding the proper fit seems impossible.


Workout your thighs

So, what are the alternatives for improving the shape and look of your thighs?  Of course, there’s always the gym and working out. There are advantages to a great workout program.  Walking is one of the best exercises you can do.  Best of all, it’s free.  Of course, there are intense workouts and specific exercises that concentrate on the legs and thighs.  I recommend hiring a personal trainer when choosing this route.  Mainly because they can help you recognize the shape of your legs and thighs and design a workout that will compliment your legs and thighs as well as help you to reach your goals.  On your own, you run the risk of building up the muscular tone of your thighs, and they could look more substantial rather than more firm and fit.  


Plastic surgery alternatives

Then you also have plastic surgery alternatives; and like the article mentioned there are several combinations.  Liposuction is a fat reducing procedure.  What that means, is that you can mitigate tiny amounts of fat and sculpt the legs for better shaping.  Remember, this is a shaping procedure, and it is difficult to correct areas where too much fat has been removed.  What this means to you is that it is not realistic to expect a significant reduction in the size of your thighs based on a liposuction procedure.  

A thigh lift surgery is a skin reducing procedure.  The best candidates are patients who have had significant weight loss or laxity of the skin due to aging.  This method is quite extensive and should be performed by plastic surgeons who were experienced and perform this procedure regularly.  Calf implants are also a very specialized procedure.  

As with all implants, the risks involved should be discussed in detail with your plastic surgeon before surgery.  As with every procedure, it is essential to consider not only the look that you desire today but what will happen through the years as you age.  Are you likely to be happy with the look of your legs and thighs as you age after having plastic surgery?



Patients should avoid believing the lies about their thighs.  It is easy to look at photos of celebrities, and too good to be true before and after pictures, and think that you can have those lean, toned thighs and legs.  But in most cases, that is just not true.  You’re more likely to have an improved version of what you already have not a new version of you.  I find that patients are most satisfied when they embrace the look they have now and are looking for enhancements and improvement; not perfection.

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