Injectable Fillers, Botox and Cosmetic Surgery. What is the real deal?

Dec 29

Injectable Fillers, Botox and Cosmetic Surgery. What is the real deal?
Injectable Fillers, Botox Cosmetic and Cosmetic Surgery

Injectable Fillers, Botox Cosmetic, and Cosmetic Surgery

There’s not a day that goes by that there’s not a Groupon, Facebook ad, or good old-fashioned coupon encouraging (mostly women) to get injectable fillers. The push for Botox cosmetic is also very strong which would include the category of other injectables. The best thing that ever happened to this market was the Internet and the ability to mass market. Mass marketing overtime gave the ability to influence not only the consumer market but also control supply and demand from the consumer’s perspective. Appealing to the aesthetic desire of most women to appear as youthful as possible, flooding the market with injectables taught the public to expect a plump more youthful face well into a woman’s fifties.


Why have injectable fillers become so popular?

This is well documented just by a quick look at your local news anchors. Of course, the women (who seem to be switched out too often) have much more pressure to maintain a youthful look. At this point, a woman in her forties and fifties who have never used Botox or filler will look considerably older than her counterparts. So, what is a woman to do? The competitive landscape for jobs, a suitable partner, or even being a “cool mom” exists whether we admit it not. This is not to say that women must choose injectable fillers as part of their aging regimen. If she chooses NOT to have injectables it will be noticeable as she ages.

It was clear to see what was happening as the American Society for Plastic Surgeons began to include injectable demographics and figures in their annual report. So this explains why injectables have become so popular. But, what does that mean to a large number of women who financially support the industry?

A recent blog post based on a news segment highlighted the popularity of injectable fillers. While it was careful to point out there are very real risks associated with injectables it failed to address why women flock to have injectables in the first place. A paper in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery the complications although rare are detailed. “The paper demonstrated that fillers are very safe. The most common complications are swelling and infection, which is relatively benign complications, with no permanent side effects,” said Dr. Hani Rayess, an otolaryngology resident in the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit and lead author of the paper.


Know your nurse or injector

It is interesting that most articles and news segments advise that the best way to reduce the risks of dangerous complications is to choose wisely. This includes but is not limited to making sure that the injector is qualified, licensed, and certified by an appropriate certifying board. With that said, it is important to note that many Med Spas and board-certified plastic surgeon practices use nurse injectors when permitted by the state in which they are located. The nurse injector is required to have oversight by the medical doctor in most states.

Patients should note that every state does not require a medical doctor on site at the time of injection. There is also no requirement for injectors to provide medical follow-up based on specific and consistent protocol. For this reason, it is important for women to ask about medical oversight, medical follow-up offered, and the process followed if there is a complication. Prior to receiving any injectable fillers patients should be provided with a written medical consent. Patients should read this in its entirety and highlight the areas they do not understand. Additionally ask questions prior to receiving the injection.


My Advice:

As stated before, complications are extremely rare. What is more likely, is dissatisfaction with the results. The truth is; no one can guarantee the results of an injectable prior to injection. Patients should treat every injectable experience like the first injectable experience.

The makeup of your body, skin, and health are changing continuously. If you have been getting injectable fillers for many years your injector should take into consideration that you are aging. I am a firm believer in continuous treatment with the same injector. Stick with a professional that can help you achieve the look you desire.



“Shopping and hopping” when it comes to injectable fillers in your face make absolutely no sense to me.

I have found women less likely to change hairdressers than they are to sit in a chair for discounted Botox.

Let’s face it, (no pun intended) the pressure is on. Replacing the volume in your face will help soften lines and wrinkles. Using Botox will help improve the appearance of a drooping brow or furrows between the eyebrows. While it is ultimately up to every woman if she decides to try injectables, it does matter who you choose to be your injector. You can do nothing for free! It is up to you to research the best options for reducing risks and helping you achieve the look that you desire.


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