The Snap Chat Defense: Documentation Of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dec 30

The Snap Chat Defense: Documentation Of Plastic Surgery Procedures
Documentation of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Documentation of Plastic Surgery Procedures

After years in the cosmetic surgery industry, it is not just a job; it is my passion. In full disclosure I must admit, I am vehemently opposed to the concept of plastic surgery procedures videotaped and broadcast for entertainment purposes. Historically, this was first brought to my attention as an option year ago when TLC (which stood for the learning channel for those of you too young to remember) was considering airing plastic surgeries on television for viewers to watch.

I distinctly remember long conversations with the board certified plastic surgeon whom I was working for, and we jokingly thought how ridiculous it would be in the future if anybody could watch plastic surgeries anytime they wanted. Fast forward… Some joke.. eh? Here we are. Social media is a platform full of various plastic surgery procedure videos ranging from rhinoplasty surgery to the total mommy makeover surgery.

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Why are plastic surgery procedures documented?

A recent blog from the United Kingdom titled In Defense of Snap Chat. Snap Chat is a popular mobile video service that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self-destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a message, they get to decide whether it will live for between 1 and 10 seconds.

In the article, the author explains his motivation for videotaping the plastic surgery procedures of patients and then subsequently posting them online. According to the author:

“It’s about education; a fully informed patient is a patient in control. No-one should ever agree to undergo surgery without fully understanding what they’re letting themselves in for.”

Honestly, I’ve read this argument before. While those who post actual surgeries to social media claim it is for the education of patients, how can that be when the video is only 1 to 10 seconds? Even if the posting is on a YouTube channel, how is the average lay person educated while watching a videotaped surgery? If videotaped surgery is considered education than, it would lead one to believe that medical training for plastic surgery is unnecessary. Additionally, the viewer should be able to interpret the content of the video.


Videotaped plastic surgery education

The problem with this line of thinking is what has allowed unqualified video educated medical doctors to call themselves cosmetic surgeons and then perform surgery. Somewhere we have led the public to believe that videotape “education” is enough.  Some of these videos have poked fun at breast implant devices even as cosmetic surgeons are performing the surgery.

I like a good laugh as well as the next person, but cosmetic surgery is serious, and the actual surgical procedure should be left to qualified board-certified surgeons. While this article claims that documentation of plastic surgery procedures via video is excellent for patients it doesn’t explain precisely how they use the videos to educate their patients.

Patients who share the fact that they have viewed cosmetic surgery on the Internet do not appear more educated to me; in most cases, they are more confused.


Regulations of documenting plastic surgery procedures

There are few regulations currently for posting medical procedures online. Patients’ privacy is protected and can prove to be an issue primarily if a patient can be easily identified. I urge all patients to be diligent in researching the policy for plastic surgery procedures and practice concerning videotaping of surgeries. Carefully read all practice consents before signing and pay specific attention to photography and videotaping references. If in doubt …opt out. You can always change your mind later. Most patients who decide to have cosmetic surgery are not interested in pursuing an online entertainment presence. Finally, when choosing your cosmetic surgeon don’t lose sight of your motives and your overall desire to achieve your most beautiful look.

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