CSA 001: The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

Dec 09

CSA 001: The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

CSA 001: The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Reviews | Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Cosmetic Surgery Advisors Podcast. In this episode, I lay down the truth behind cosmetic surgery reviews.

I am your host Angela Chatterfield and I have been in the plastic surgery industry since 1993, that’s pre-internet time. At that time when patients were clueless when they called the salon. Patients didn’t know anything about a particular cosmetic surgeon, the plastic surgery procedures used and prices at the particular salon. Fast forward to today and we are bombarded with so much information from review sites, social media, and advertisement that it gets overwhelming.

My goal today is to help you decide which cosmetic surgery reviews are credible or loosely credible and which ones are not.

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