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Cosmetic Surgery Advisors


Most websites dedicated to cosmetic surgery, including review sites are lead generation sites for plastic surgeons. Their main purpose is to generate enough traffic to provide leads for plastic surgeons who pay to be listed on the site. We get it. Cosmetic plastic surgery is an elective procedure and from a marketing prospective no different than any other high-priced luxury item. It’s no surprise it has become an industry driven by marketing and advertising. At we’reexcited about providing our OpenAdvice Salon.  It may sound corny, but it is what fuels our concept of female community.

The way we see it, we believe that a salon is not likely to be “trolled” by plastic surgeons looking for new patients. Women can be real and talk about their issues, concerns, fears, and reservations about cosmetic plastic surgery. The Open Advice Salon is a “safe” place. No judgement, no reviews. Our guest can tell their story, ask a question, post a comment, or encourage another guest. No reviews or cosmetic plastic surgeon promotional ads are allowed. We are passionate about providing an online sharing platform of women considering cosmetic plastic surgery without the influence of cosmetic plastic surgery advertising or online reviews.  While we give advice; it is not medical advice and we are not medical personnel; therefore, a medical patient relationship is never established.

Like most health-related sites, we do have a privacy policy, but we encourage the sharing of experiences. This helps to create a better balance between marketing and factual patient decision making.  The Open Advice Salon provides an interactive platform for women including live chat designed to empower, inspire, and entertain. Currently, most websites are marketing driven. As a result, prospective patients view multiple websites, before and after photos, and reviews searching for one that they “like”.It is a review of sales information for each plastic surgeon. Basically, a commercial.  Reviews can be managed and manipulated easily, provided the plastic surgeon has the marketing budget. We understand the value of websites and patient reviews. The reality is; the information is as limiting as commercials and brochures. Prospective patients get limited information when more is needed to make important surgical decisions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you, and other women like you share your experiences, you open the patient experience. You learn about the experience of other women. You improve the conversation and questions you will have for your prospective plastic surgeon. Best of all, you help bring better experiences and treatments to prospective patients as well as those who have decided to move forward with plastic surgery.

The Open Advice Salon enables you to affect real change in the way plastic surgery is marketed to women.

Will you share your plastic surgery experience … and join our community to highlight our beauty together?